Building FindersKeepers

A little story of how the app was developed

Katie has been running a successful Sydney based design studio ( for over 12 years.

After many years of thinking about this app, she finally took the plunge and invested in her 3am idea and Finders Keepers App was born.

“These days we all keep hundreds, if not thousands, of images on our iPhones and iPads, and we’ve all had the experience of endlessly scrolling through them trying to find that one perfect image we just know is in there,” said Selby. “It occurred to me that a simple sort and search app could save a lot of frustration!”

“How many times have we all handed our devices to a friend of colleague and invited them to swipe through images, hoping they don’t swipe that one image too far!” said Selby. “And mum or dad’s phone is increasingly becoming a game device for kids, you also want to know that curious eyes won’t find anything you hadn’t intended them to, so building in the option of locking images with password protection seemed like a simple solution to a stressful and potentially embarrassing situation,” she said.

These days so many apps are built offshore but Katie wanted to stay local. The App Team based in Brisbane were chosen to join her extended team. The app team have some of the best app developers around. When their app developer’s aren’t working on apps, they’re certainly seem to be thinking about them. You could say they’re ‘app’solutely head-over-heels for apps!

Katie has been thrilled with the result and loved how they understood the importance of the design side of Finders Keepers App and not just the technical backend which is so hard to find the right match with IT companies these days.